Apple Cider Margaritas

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Nov 1, 2022 | Drink, Featured, Food + Drink

Apple Cider Margaritas


1 oz. Grand Marnier
1 oz. gold tequila
5-6 oz. sweet apple cider
clementine wedges
apple slices
cinnamon (optional, for rimming glasses)
fine sugar (optional, for rimming glasses)
cinnamon sticks (garnish)
fresh thyme (optional garnish)

1. Combine fine sugar and cinnamon on a plate and run an orange wedge around the rim of the glass, then twist glass rim in the sugar mixture (this is optional), set aside.
2. Add 2-3 clementine wedges to the bottom of the glass and top with ice.
3. In a mixing tin, add Grand Marnier, tequila, and apple cider, shake to combine.
4. Pour mixture over ice and garnish with apple slices, cinnamon stick (optional), and a bit of fresh thyme if desired.

Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive.

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