I Have 300 Pairs of Shoes

Jun 1, 2014 | Poetry

[title subtitle=”words: Marcus Coker”][/title]

I have three hundred pairs of shoes of every shape and size.
I have so many pairs of shoes, you won’t believe your eyes.
I keep them in my closet, I keep them on the floor.
They’re even in my shower; they’re the reason that I’m poor.

I wear them when I’m feeling good, and when I’m feeling bad.
I wear them almost anytime because they make me glad.
They cost me lots of money, but I think they are neat.
And even if you hate my shoes, they are home to my two feet.

My shoes, they make me happy, but you’re my soul’s delight.
And I’d trade every shoe I have, if you’d marry me tonight.
My feet live in my shoes, but I live in your heart.
So grow old with me and tie my shoes; may we never be apart.

Do South Magazine

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