Words: Project Zero
Image: courtesy Van Dover Photography

Apr 1, 2022 | Adoption, People

AGES 16 & 17

These kids really caught our hearts a certain way and we’re some of their biggest fans! Savanna and her brother Braedyn, or Brady as he likes to be called, are such a fun, happy sibling group with so many interests. We admire Savanna’s spirit and her willingness to put herself out there and be open to new experiences and adventures. She loves expressing herself through art, and she really enjoys the mental challenge of solving puzzles. And how many teens do you know who love to help others by cleaning and organizing? Younger brother Brady loves being outdoors, taking walks, and playing with dogs. Having a pet is a big “wish list” item for both Savanna and Brady. Savanna doesn’t feel especially comfortable in small spaces and she’s not a fan of big crowds, while Brady can be a little too trusting and giving with others, which can lead to him being taken advantage of at times. Both siblings need a family to help them continue to grow and try new things within a set of consistent, clear boundaries. Their potential is limitless, folks…they just need you to lift them up!

 In partnership with Project Zero and Arkansas Heart Gallery, each month Do South® will feature a waiting child, or sibling group, in foster care in Arkansas. To inquire about these incredible children, please visit


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