Meet La’Honey, Allen & Dylan

Words: Project Zero
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Aug 1, 2022 | Adoption, People

La’Honey age 16
Allen age 11
Dylan age 9

This sibling group is looking for a forever home. La’Honey, or Honey to those who know her well, is a dynamic teen with big goals. Honey is the mother to an adorable, busy baby boy, and she is looking for a family to welcome them both. Welcoming Honey comes with a huge bonus — instant grandparenthood! These two are inseparable and Honey is determined to raise her son to thrive and to break the cycle of instability and trauma that brought her into the system. Honey has a natural, self-taught knack for sewing, design, nail art, makeup, hair, you name it! She is involved in ROTC and loves it as she thrives in a structured environment. She is organized, dedicated, and has been promoted in leadership rolls quickly! An animal lover, Honey volunteers at a horse stable and loves to hike and spot local wildlife.

Allen, the middle child, is kind, generous, has a big heart and loves fiercely. He enjoys building with Legos and collecting Pokémon or Spider-Man. You can also find him outdoors riding his bike, unwinding in the sensory garden, playing basketball, or tossing a football.

Dylan, the youngest, is a socialite. He enjoys hanging out with friends, playing outside, and riding his bike. He is mechanically inclined, and he enjoys building and taking things apart. Legos and Hot Wheels are some of his favorite things. Dylan is also incredibly artistic and enjoys creating, painting, and drawing.

Honey is finding her footing as she transitions to young adulthood and as she strives to be an advocate for herself and her child. Honey and Allen live with diabetes and are learning to manage this condition. In addition to advanced endocrinology care for Honey and Allen, all three are participating in trauma-focused therapy and are making great strides and will continue long-term. Allen has a mild intellectual disability and needs guidance with day-to-day self-care tasks. Dylan is behind educationally and needs a family dedicated to helping him close the education gap. They would thrive best in a household that offers structure, guidance, where there are no other children, and a mother to love them unconditionally. Could your family be the right fit? Submit an inquiry at to learn more!

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