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Jan 1, 2023 | Adoption, Featured

Madix is a young man with a full life ahead of him. He has big dreams and he’s ready to do everything he can to pursue them! Madix is a family man; he’s loyal and loving. Some of his fondest memories are living with his younger cousins and getting to teach them new things and read books to them. He hopes to have a family with younger siblings so that he can continue to do those things! Madix has a protective energy and is very loyal to those he loves. Although this mentality can get him into trouble, Madix is working on not leaning into the negativity of peers and making impulsive decisions. He longs to go to college to play football, but in the meantime, Madix is working on getting his permit so he can start working and saving money. Madix looks forward to being in a family so that he can have people to love and protect and that offer the same to him. He would do well in a home with plenty of siblings, loving parents, and plenty of space for all his dreams and aspirations. If you know you could support Madix in all his dreams, please reach out to us!

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