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Jun 1, 2018 | DIY

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Welcome guests with this gorgeous DIY burlap wreath! My mother-in-law bought my burlap wreath for me a couple of years ago ñ I love the look of it, so full and layered. Itís my favorite because I can easily embellish it for each season, holiday, or special event and it looks amazing, even in its natural state. Iíve included instructions to make your own or they are easy to locate for purchase at craft fairs or hobby shops.



  • Metal wreath form (12, 16, or 18-inch)
  • 6-inch burlap ribbon rolls (10-15 yards)
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments
    – hydrangea stems
    – assorted greenery
    – wooden letter
    – acrylic paint
    – jute
    – floral wire


Secure one end of ribbon to form with a knot, wire or a pipe cleaner. Push/pull burlap up through the innermost section of the form (about 3 inches in length, or to your liking for fullness). Pull ribbon up through the remaining two form openings. You do not need to cut the ribbon in strips. For a full wreath, push the section of ribbon down before repeating the process on next section. Repeat until wreath is full all the way around. Cut off excess ribbon and secure to form with a knot, wire or pipe cleaner.


I attached my embellishments to my burlap wreath with jute, twine, or wire – whatever is going to blend in with my chosen décor best. I tied my florals to my form with floral wire and painted my wooden letter a creamy white. I clipped the letter on to the wreath with a clothespin that I hot glued to the back of the letter. Voila!


Find how-to videos on YouTube® and check out Pinterest® for more adorable
decorating ideas.


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