Catherine Frederick,
Owner/Publisher/Business Consultant


13 Years
Do South Magazine is a trusted local resource that informs, supports, and enriches residents throughout the River Valley. For over 13 years we have delivered easy access to local events, health topics, local shopping, recipes, nonprofits, local people and business profiles, and so much more. Do South Magazine is printed and distributed monthly. Make your brand known by advertising with us! We’ll connect you with decision through creative print advertising options, dedicated email blasts, sponsored content, online features, web banner ads, social media, or a custom campaign to suit your unique marketing needs.

Owner/publisher, Catherine Frederick, has over 30 years of marketing and communications experience. Contact Catherine at or at 479-782-1500 to discuss marketing opportunities and custom solutions that can connect your brand with the loyal Do South community.

TARGET: Our market saturation is complimented by paid subscriptions as well as our digital edition. Do South® is available at all advertiser locations, local libraries, quality retailers, hospitals and clinics, restaurants, and grocery outlets, totaling over 150 pick up locations in our area.  For a current list of distribution locations, click here.

IMPACT: Our editorial/advertising ratio is not higher than 50%. Your ad will not get lost. Your message is surrounded by quality editorial that adds to your message. Do South Magazine’s website gives readers 24/7 access to our digital editions, all magazine content, events, current news, and so much more! Connect with our readers on Facebook and and Instagram: and

LOCAL: Do South Magazine’s editorial content is especially relevant to readers in our local community. Readers look forward to reading heartwarming stories of local people, insightful health topics, book reviews, recipes, travel, business profiles, and much more.

Catherine Frederick has spent her entire career in marketing, communications and advertising. Her twenty-eight year career includes working in governmental public relations, the non-profit sector, public municipalities, and advertising agencies before launching her own full-service advertising firm in 2005. While continuing to operate the advertising agency, and recognizing a unique need in her community, she launched Do South Magazine in September of 2011. Catherine’s extensive history in marketing and communications, brand development, and her keen eye for design and developing attention grabbing content are an added benefit of joining the Do South family. She’s not in the business of selling ads for a magazine, her passion is learning about businesses in order to develop solutions which will take them to the next level with a trusted, award-winning, community platform.

No Overprint
Our copies are distributed primarily in Fort Smith and surrounding areas. Unlike other publications who print twenty to thirty thousand copies for the entire state of Arkansas. With Do South®, your message and brand remain strong, and not diluted. After all, you are a local business, you want to reach local readers!

Competitive Rates
Request our media kit. We think you’ll find our rates are highly competitive, and in most, if not all cases, much lower than any other local, regional or statewide publication.

Low Ad-To-Editorial Ratio
You don’t want to be lost in a sea of other advertisers and businesses. Our readers don’t like clutter. We don’t either. That’s why we maintain a low ad-to-editorial ratio in our standard publication. Your brand and message stand out and are remembered. We never place like industries in close proximity and never place ads on the same page as our stories.

Digital Edition
We love our digital editions! Each month, we publish all content to our website as well as our digital edition so readers can enjoy the magazine on the go, in full. All ads are digitally linked to the URL of choice. All issues are archived, meaning your ad stays live indefinitely! Do South Magazine is proud to have the only digital edition in our community!

Robust Website
You can find all of our content on as well as enticing offers from our most loyal advertisers.

Social Media Savvy
We are social! You’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

WHY MAGAZINES (or should we say, the “right” magazine”)?

  • Magazines are a targeting medium, so you can reach an audience that’s as narrow or as broad as you wish.
  • Magazines increase purchase intent 5 times as much as TV or the Internet.
  • They drive readers to take action: Magazine advertising leads consumers to begin searching online or browsing a website – more than any other advertising medium.
  • Consumers pay more attention to magazines than other media.
  • Magazines reach women…and women make or influence 85% of all consumer purchases.
  • Magazine media engage readers.
  • Readers consider magazine advertising valuable.
  • Magazines supply credibility and build buzz.
  • Magazine media advertising gets consumers to act.
  • Magazines spur web traffic and search and improve advertising ROI.

NOTE: We will not begin accepting applications for our FREE ad space or our Community Cares page for 2025 until October of 2024! To be added to our notification list please email to receive a notification when applications open.

Once application request are open, requests MUST BE EMAILED to catherine at and MUST INCLUDE the following:

(1) The month you are requesting AND which space you are requesting (either the ad spot at the bottom of my editor letter, OR the Community Cares page, which is the full page Q&A).

(2) An alternate month must be provided in case the original month you request has already been assigned.

(3) A little about your organization (tell us about your mission and your needs).

(4) What you would like to promote in the ad or the Community Cares page – is it a 5K, a fundraising event, specific needs, etc.

Please be aware you are responsible for providing the artwork for the ad. We will provide specifications and you must have to have it designed and sent to us 6 weeks prior to publication. We will provide the questions to answer for the Community Cares page, however, you may alter those to best fit your needs and purposes.

Please understand a request is not a guarantee of a spot as our region is home to many deserving nonprofit organizations and we are limited to 24 spots! We are very active on social media so please do not hesitate to email events, needs, information, etc., that I can help promote for you during the year as well – we are always happy to do so!

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