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WORDS Abie Taylor Cox, Development Manager, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

May 1, 2023 | Featured, Nonprofits

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund’s (ASPSF) mission is to provide a culture of support, equipping single parents to navigate their futures with confidence. Do South® reached out to Abie Taylor Cox, Development Manager, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, to learn more.

What need does ASPSF serve in the community?
Single-parent families are more likely to live in poverty than two-parent families. Studies show that those with a college education earn more over a lifetime than those who only graduate high school, and though single parents are highly motivated to improve their skills and earning potential through education, they’re less likely to graduate than students without children.

That’s where ASPSF comes in. Our model creates a support system designed to help low-income, single parents stay in school, graduate with a degree or certificate, and start a professional career with higher wages. In turn, their achievement shapes the educational goals and career aspirations of the next generation, breaking the cycle of poverty.

How does ASPSF help single parents?
ASPSF awards flexible financial aid to eligible single parents pursuing skilled-trade certification, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees. They can spend the funds to pay for expenses – such as gas, childcare, or internet – that removes a financial burden and helps them stay in school. The scholarship check is paired with additional resources, such as mentoring and workshops, to help single parents gain confidence and become prepared for the professional workforce.

How does helping single parents end poverty in the Fort Smith area?
Investing in low-income single parents’ education means they’re more likely to graduate and find a profitable career that brings their family out of poverty. A degree or certification also offers better job stability, career satisfaction, and long-term financial gain. Our scholarship recipients have told us how their children’s grades have improved and how they and their children spend time studying together. The kids see the connection between a better education and a better life and start planning for their own education and future profession.

How can others help single parents in Fort Smith?

1.Spread the word! You may know a single parent, or you’ll meet someone who could benefit from an ASPSF scholarship.

  1. Volunteer! We need both virtual and in-person volunteers to review scholarship applications, check in with students, and fundraise.
  2. Donate! Every dollar you give goes toward scholarships and student support. You will put food on the table and buy coats for the kids. You’ll provide school supplies and put gas in the car. You’ll make a difference in a single parent’s life.

Call or visit us online for details!

5401 Rogers Avenue, Suite 204
Fort Smith, Arkansas

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