August Book Recommendations

RECOMMENDATIONS Sara Putman, Bookish


Enjoy these recommendations of local authors from our friends at Bookish, Fort Smith, Arkansas’ only independently owned bookstore located in The Bakery District.

Julia and Maud
by Joyce Faulkner
Joyce Faulkner and Tom Wing teamed up to research and reimagine a pivotal court case in Fort Smith history. Even though the case is well known, a new perspective allows us to see Julia and Maud through a modern lens. Through first person accounts and letters, we see the unraveling of two women and the man who led to their undoing. You‘ll blush, but ultimately open your heart to the shackles of our society.

Bookshop: A Play in Two Acts
by Jamie Lambdin-Bolin
The thing about reading a play is the characterization. In Lambdin-Bolin’s newest small-town dramedy, you’ll find glimpses of our own small town in the dialogue, relationships, and even the small-town secrets. Vacillating among the obstacles of raising a family, owning a bookstore, and navigating the secrets surrounding a local unsolved murder, the characters at the bookshop are a genuine treat. Take it from me – the owner of your small-town bookshop!

Vessels of Wrath
by Tom Holland
Our favorite local police chief is back, and he’s had enough. When trouble unfolds in his small delta town, Ray Elmore has no choice but to take vengeance into his own hands. With Holland’s signature wit and forensic expertise, this newest installment in the Ray Elmore series is another page turner, and Holland’s ability to use history to touch on present day issues is keeping Police Chief Elmore as relevant today as he was when we first met him.

Heir of Two Kingdoms
by Effie Joe Stock
This high fantasy series is suitable for fantasy readers fourteen and up. Stephania is destined to rule the land of the dragon riders, but along the way, her past snares her. As she lingers in her childhood home, she is reminded of who she was and urged to move forward by a multitude of friends, old and new. Will Stephania remain behind the mask of her past, fall victim to the darkness, or step forward to inherit her destiny?

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