Caramel Apple Bar

WORDS and IMAGE Catherine Frederick

Nov 1, 2023 | Featured, Food, Food + Drink


We’ve got a fun twist on the traditional caramel apple! Grab a variety of toppings and see which combination turns out to be your favorite.
Tip: Keep apples from browning by dipping in lemon-lime soda after slicing.

The Turtle – Melted milk chocolate, chopped pecans, and melted caramel

Rocky Apple Road – Mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and melted caramel

Apple Cheesecake – Mini marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and melted white chocolate

Apple Pie – Melted white chocolate, melted caramel, cinnamon/brown sugar mix

The 5th Element – Melted white chocolate, melted dark chocolate, chopped pecans, toffee bits and melted caramel

Do South Special – Melted chocolate, toffee bits, mini marshmallows

Do South Magazine

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