Community Rescue Mission

Jan 1, 2024 | Nonprofits

Community Rescue Mission is a nonprofit, faith-based organization that provides safe shelter, meals, and needed support to help people get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Do South®reached out to Shanelle Livingston, Office Manager and Facilities Coordinator, to learn more.

DS: How did Community Rescue Mission come to be?
Community Rescue Mission (CRM) was founded from a heart of gratitude and a deep concern for those left unsheltered on a cold and drizzly night. With the belief that everyone should have access to protection from the elements, a warm meal, and people who care, Community Rescue Mission was born. Founded in 1981, many changes have taken place, but the mission has remained the same – instilling hope and empowering lives.

DS: Who does Community Rescue Mission serve and in what way?
Community Rescue Mission serves families with children, by providing shelter, meals, and all basic necessities. Additionally, each family is provided with individualized case management that targets the specific barriers that the family is facing and works towards resolving those issues. Whether it be mental health, childcare, transportation, identification, or any of the many other challenges the families may face, CRM aims to assist each of them to reach a place of stability and success.

DS: How does Community Rescue Mission impact our community?
One family at a time. We realize that many of our families are facing generational issues that started years ago through little fault of their own. By guiding those families into a better way of
living now, we are hopeful that the impact will bring about positive change for generations to come.

DS: How can our community get involved and show support?
One of the major factors that we have noticed is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to overcoming homelessness. Each family has a different story and comes with a unique set of challenges and struggles. Because of that, we are all too aware that we cannot do this alone. While we are always in need of the basics like toiletries, food, and baby items, we also need people to step in to help in different ways. We would love to have more mentors, additional life skills and educational classes, etc. And of course, since we rely mostly on grants and donations, financial assistance is always very appreciated.

DS: What is something that many people may not know about Community Rescue Mission?
That the investments of all who support CRM are truly making a difference. With all the skills learned, the barriers overcome, and the continued support, the families who follow through and graduate the program have high rates of continued stability. In fact, the success rate is nearly 90%. We are so proud of those who have beat the odds and have found a better path for their lives!

DS: Are there any upcoming events or needs we should know about?
Absolutely! We have the Heart of the Mission Gala on February 10 and our Annual Charity Golf Tournament on April 26. All proceeds will go directly to Community Rescue Mission. Details of the events are on our website, For additional questions, feel free to email

Community Rescue Mission
310 North F Street, Fort Smith

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