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Anita de Monte Laughs Last
by Xochitl Gonzalez

A tale of love, art, and forgotten legacies set in the New York art scene in the 80s and 90s. The novel begins in 1985 with the death of rising art star Anita de Monte in New York City. However, by 1998, Anita’s name is nearly forgotten, until Raquel, a third-year art history student at Brown, delves into her story for her final thesis. Raquel, feeling like an outsider at College Hill, navigates the challenges faced by minority students, working twice as hard for opportunities. When Raquel enters a romantic relationship with an older, well-connected art student, she unexpectedly ascends the social ladder.

The novel explores the dynamics of power, love, and art, employing a dual narrative that shifts between Anita and Raquel’s perspectives. As Raquel uncovers Anita’s forgotten story, parallels emerge, prompting reflections on her own relationships. The narrative gracefully moves back and forth through time, offering a propulsive and witty examination of elitism in the art world. Anita de Monte Laughs Last invites readers to ponder who gets remembered and who is left behind in the exclusive worlds of the elite, weaving a tale that moves through time and explores the complexities of human connection and societal expectations.

Murder Road
by Simone St. James
April and Eddie’s honeymoon takes a chilling turn when they pick up a hitchhiker with blood on her clothes. They find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation, and the town’s mysteries begin to unravel. Suspense and horror create a thrilling narrative.

Coyote Lost and Found
by Dan Gemeinhart
Coyote Sunrise and her dad embark on a road trip to scatter her mom’s ashes. To find the secret resting place, Coyote must find a book she mistakenly sold last year. With their trusty bus, Yager, and old and new friends, they embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Just Because
by Matthew McConaughey
A children’s book that makes readers want to tap their feet! It highlights the paradoxes we feel that can be confusing but allow us to embrace our full potential—from forgiveness even though we’re feeling hurt, to being nervous and excited all at once.

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