Meet Brantlee!

WORDS courtesy Project Zero
IMAGE courtesy Jude Della Terra Photography

May 1, 2023 | Adoption, Featured

Meet Brantlee – an outgoing young boy looking for a forever home! Brantlee enjoys swimming, being outside, playing with animals, and surfing on YouTube. He is now reading full sentences, eating full meals, and trying new foods. Brantlee’s forever home will need to be able to provide structure, patience, and encouragement. He does well with other children and would enjoy having siblings, but most importantly, he needs parents that will encourage him to try new things, especially new foods, and support him in his education journey. Could your family be the right fit for Brantlee? Submit an inquiry at to learn more.

In partnership with Project Zero and Arkansas Heart Gallery, each month Do South® will feature a waiting child, or sibling group, in foster care in Arkansas. To inquire about these incredible children, please visit

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