Meet James and Skyler

Jun 1, 2024 | Adoption, Featured


Meet James, age 8, and Skyler, age 10 – a dynamic duo looking for a forever home! James, the younger of the two, is very lovable and friendly, and Skyler, the older, gets along well with others and makes friends quite easily. The boys love outdoor adventures, swimming, animals, and video games.

James and Skyler have their share of challenges. James sometimes struggles to behave; he can be aggressive and defiant and sometimes tries to run away. James is currently receiving intensive therapy and behavior management services to address these challenges.

Skyler is cognitively delayed and struggles with his brother’s behaviors toward him. He receives individual counseling to help address his challenges, and the boys plan to complete sibling therapy.

The boys would do best in a two-parent home. Would your family be the right fit for James and Skyler? To learn more, submit an inquiry at

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IMAGE courtesy Jenny Stricklin

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