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Oct 1, 2023 | Adoption, Featured


Meet Jeffrey! He’s a multi-talented young man who loves to cook and enjoys learning new recipes and skills in the kitchen. He also is a talented artist – currently, drawing is his favorite artistic expression. And, like most kids his age, he loves playing video games! But Jeffrey is also pretty shy. He doesn’t always want to be around others and enjoys his alone time. At times, Jeffrey gets a little too lost in himself and doesn’t take care of himself the way he should. But we know – and Jeffrey will tell you, too – that he just needs the right environment, and the right family, for him to come out of his shell. He has so much potential and a variety of interests; Jeffrey just needs the right support, guidance, and inspiration to develop his gifts. The payoff will be huge! The perfect family environment for Jeffrey is one where there aren’t a lot of other kiddos vying for attention. He needs a small family where he will receive the focus, attention and sense of belonging he so desperately needs while still being able to have his space and alone time, too. If this sounds like you or your family, please contact us at Project Zero for more information!

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