Meet Katie

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Dec 1, 2022 | Adoption, Featured

Meet KATIE, AGE 10

Kaitlyn, or Katie as she likes to be called, is sweet, caring, and she has a great memory! She likes arts and crafts, and she loves all things related to the movie Frozen. When it comes to favorite foods, she’s a girl after our own hearts – pizza and chicken nuggets top her list! Like a lot of kids on the Heart Gallery, Katie did not have a stable and supportive home life as a younger child. There weren’t a lot of consistent expectations and rules, and as a result Katie struggles with being told no and doesn’t always respond well to simple consequences. Meltdowns and tantrums happen, but these are learned behaviors that are slowly being replaced with new behaviors. Appropriate reactions to consequences are much more common now than before, and we know Katie will make even more progress as time goes on! Katie will thrive in either a single parent or a two-parent home, but she probably needs to be the only child in the home at first. Every family is different, so we encourage you to talk with Katie’s adoption specialist! The most important thing is to give Katie the attention, time, and space she needs to trust and feel supported in her forever home. Katie deserves plenty of love, structure, and grace as she continues to soak in new life lessons. Katie is ready to reward a family with a lifetime of smiles, wonderful memories, and love.

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