Meet Myia

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Dec 31, 2023 | Adoption, Featured, People

All girl, all the time! Myia, age 14, loves fashion and all things beauty. She also is a great friend and gets along well with her peers. She can be a bit of a picky eater, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like! Like most kids who have experienced childhood trauma, Myia may have moments when things get a little too much for her emotionally. But never fear, she quickly gathers herself and is back to her normal, happy, outgoing personality!

Myia longs for a forever home to provide the things she needs, which is, more than anything else, unconditional love and affection. The perfect home for Myia is one with two parents and other children she can bond with, a family to provide all the love she needs along with consistent structure and expectations. Myia thrives in this type of environment, and she deserves every chance to become the amazing woman we all know she can be. If that sounds like you and your family, let us know by inquiring at!

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