Meet Nathaniel

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Feb 1, 2024 | Adoption, Featured, People

Nathaniel is a 16 year old young man with a keen interest in football and video games! In school, his favorite subjects are civics, biology, and geometry. His enthusiasm for learning and his hobbies is a testament to his engaging personality. While his challenges include behavior and socializing with peers his age, Nathaniel is on a journey of personal growth and development. A nurturing home, whether with one or two parents, is essential. Nathaniel thrives in an environment where guidance and support are readily available. He looks forward to learning to drive and getting his first job! Nathaniel needs a family to provide the structure and encouragement necessary to help navigate these milestones and guide him towards achieving his goals. The right family for Nathaniel is one that not only supports his academic and personal interests, but also provides the understanding and direction he needs to flourish.

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