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Mar 1, 2023 | Adoption, Featured




Most of the kiddos on the Heart Gallery have experienced a lot of instability in their lives, and our sweet friend Shyla is no different. At times, she has experienced inappropriate parenting. At other times, she has been left alone for long periods with no supervision or guidance of any kind. Suffice to say, she has not had the best role models or been taught the best lessons thus far in her young life, and her behaviors and maturity level reflect that.

But one thing is for sure, Shyla’s wonderful spirit and true loving personality are still there, waiting for the right family to find her and provide the kind of guidance and support she needs and that she deserves. Shyla is a girly girl and loves anything that glitters and sparkles! She also enjoys dressing in cute clothing, including makeup and nail polish! She really loves sweets, and if allowed, she’d eat candy and snacks all day – a girl after our own hearts! Shyla needs a family – one parent or two is fine – that is patient, structured, and committed to consistency and follow through. Shyla wants and needs boundaries and guidance to help her learn the lessons she should have already been taught. She may push back against boundaries due to her upbringing, but slowly, she’ll learn what’s right and wrong and what’s appropriate, and what’s not. One lucky family will have the incredible opportunity to help mold and guide this beautiful young lady into the best version of her amazing self! Will that family be yours?

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