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Nov 1, 2023 | Books, Featured

Enjoy these November recommendations from our friends at Bookish, Fort Smith, Arkansas’ only independently owned bookstore located in The Bakery District.
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Bright Young Women
by Jessica Knoll

Bright Young Women is a must-read that blends suspense, 1970s horror, and an alliance between survivors chasing the truth behind a serial killer. In a stroke of fate, Pamela Schumacher and Tina Cannon collide. Together, they form an unlikely alliance as their search for answers in the brutal murders of their closest friends intensifies. It offers fresh insight into one of America’s most notorious serial killers while celebrating the resilience of survivors.

Roman Stories
by Jhumpa Lahiri

This collection of nine beautifully crafted short stories is set against the backdrop of Rome, Italy. The writing is elegant and immersive, capturing Rome’s essence. While some may find the pacing slow due to its focus on introspection and atmosphere over plot, it’s a literary treat for those who appreciate deep character exploration and the art of storytelling. A testament to Lahiri’s talents, you’ll savor each story like a leisurely stroll through the streets of Rome.

Letting in Air and Light
by Teresa Tumminello Brader

Brader’s debut memoir unveils her family’s hidden truth – her uncle’s art forgery. With a mix of personal reflections, news records, and a dose of fictionalized retellings, Brader explores the legacy of Clementine Hunter while confronting painful family secrets. This empathetic and honest narrative encourages self-reflection. Brader is a New Orleans native whose writing career was spurred on by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and her book is published by Fort Smith’s own, Belle Point Press.

If We Were Villains
by M.L. Rio

If you love Shakespeare and thrillers, this debut novel is a treat. The story begins as Oliver Marks agrees to reveal the truth about what happened a decade ago at Dellecher Classical Conservatory. The story creatively weaves elements from Shakespeare’s works like Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, and King Lear. As it turns out, Shakespeare is responsible for everything. This tale of obsession set within the dark walls of the conservatory is the perfect fall-to-winter read.

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