Nurturing Wellness: Exploring Holistic Healing at Natural Drip

May 1, 2024 | Featured, Health, People

In Western society, we have grown accustomed to relying heavily on medical practices centered on pharmaceuticals, often seeking cures that come with side effects more severe than the initial ailment. We ingest pills without question while simultaneously doubting and dismissing alternative, holistic therapies that propose natural remedies.

Meanwhile, our bodies reflect how modern life has taken its toll.

For husband-and-wife teams Dr. Tommy Wood, Audra Wood, Dr. Jordan Travis, and Rebekah Travis, the desire to bring an alternative option to Fort Smith inspired their collaboration to open Natural Drip in mid-March 2022. “We focus on finding alternative ways to heal the body,” says Audra, an R.N. and one of six nurses on staff.

“We are interested in finding the ‘why’ for what your body is experiencing. We believe there is a time and place for Western medicine. However, we believe many natural practices and treatments are overlooked, and some are unknown in our culture. Our specialty at Natural Drip is IV/injection protocols—which isn’t something many people consider when they are looking for treatments for their ailments. From the beginning, our mission has been for our patients to feel heard, cared for, and listened to. Our prayer from day one for our patients has been 3 John 1:2, ‘I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.’”

To that end, the team consists of experts from different areas of medicine. Dr. Wood, an OB/GYN physician in Fort Smith, has been practicing for seventeen years in women’s health. As the medical director at Natural Drip, he utilizes his caring, compassionate manner and deep knowledge of healthcare to maintain the highest level of medical integrity.

“He has developed a passion and interest for a more holistic and natural way of medicine,” says Audra, Dr. Wood’s wife of almost twenty-six years, who also serves as the office manager and is hands-on at the clinic, starting IVs and caring for patients at Natural Drip.

Dr. Travis has been practicing chiropractic, functional medicine, and acupuncture in Fort Smith and Fayetteville for the last decade. His role at Natural Drip is consulting patients on a more holistic approach to their medical needs. “Dr. Travis is extremely knowledgeable in getting to the root cause of illnesses and diseases,” says Audra.

His wife of fifteen years, Rebekah, welcomes patients, works the front desk, and ensures that things run smoothly. “Rebekah always has a friendly, welcoming face,” says Audra. “She is willing to help whenever and wherever she is needed.”

Nurse practitioner Hailey Newton recently joined the team and will be full-time this summer. Like the rest of her coworkers, she is a huge advocate for natural medicine, and she offers consultations for hormone therapy, functional medicine, PRP and Prolozone joint injections, and peptides.

Rounding out the staff is a husband-and-wife team of licensed massage therapists, Heather and Hans Benevoir. Heather is neuro-muscular trained, while Hans is completing his certification in lymphatic therapy. Natural Drip also offers virtual consultations with registered dietitian Kaylee O’Hare. “We have a wonderful team and take great pride in hiring our staff,” says Audra. “What we offer is not for everyone, and that is okay—but we love our patients and want the best team of professionals taking care of them.”

Treatments offered at Natural Drip include IV nutrition and vitamin injections to target and treat dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, malnourishment, and post-bariatric surgery nutrient loss and immune deficiencies. Additional IV treatments include NAD and Methylene Blue.

Ozone therapy is an alternative treatment for joint pain, wound healing, autoimmune disorders, breathing disorders, and diabetes. In addition to killing bacteria and viruses it also helps lessen other diseases—all using ozone gas. Another form of ozone therapy is Prolozone, a mixture of vitamins, minerals, local anesthetic, and ozone. It promotes healing and regeneration and decreases inflammation and pain, specifically within the joints. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is another option that stimulates joint healing using a patient’s plasma. “Our doctors and staff have had continued advanced training in ozone and natural healing modalities, which sets us apart,” says Audra.

Natural Drip’s services also include a hyperbaric chamber for wound healing, respiratory illness, neurological disorders, concussions, and long-term COVID symptoms. Also available is massage therapy, assisted lymphatic therapy (ALT), and a dietician-directed nutrition program called Naturally Balanced, which deals with the metabolic state of patients while using a continuous glucose monitor. By this summer, therapies will have expanded to include a sensory deprivation float tank, cold plunge, red light dry sauna, and a salt room for halotherapy.

“Our vitamin IV drips, ozone drips and injections can be done as often as once a week,” says Audra of how frequently treatments can safely be repeated. “We always tell people to go by how their body feels and let that guide how often they come in for treatments. That said, depending on your current health situation, we have different protocols for using the hyperbaric chamber and how often it is repeated. Likewise, Prolozone injection protocols are also patient-specific and dependent on individual needs.”

As for who may benefit from treatments offered at Natural Drip, Audra says, “Anyone can come! We even see children, as long as they can cooperate during the services. Our medical director adjusts to specific dosages and fluid volumes for each child, depending on their weight and age.”

Unlike pharmaceuticals, there is no typical delay in feeling the effects of treatments. “Most people can feel any positive effects by the next day,” says Audra. “Some even feel them that day. In terms of how long they last, most people experience the benefits for twelve to fourteen days—though the exact length varies from patient to patient. The Prolozone injections differ significantly in terms of the duration of the effects.”

The risks are minimal, though the staff advises that there is always a slight risk of infection with any procedure involving a puncture of the skin. “Our staff uses an aseptic technique to assure safety, which also mitigates the risk,” says Audra. “We have never run across an issue.”

To avoid unnecessary risk and complication, all patients complete a comprehensive personal health history and history of medication, which the nurses and doctors at Natural Drip then review. “Our doctors always make decisions for patient care based on individual history,” says Audra. “Having those histories is as necessary and helpful in guiding our treatment methods as they are in mainstream healthcare.”

A rising number of people are turning to holistic approvals for self-care and healing, such as the treatments provided at Natural Drip. Audra notes, “We truly believe COVID may have changed how some view healthcare. More and more people are exploring alternative options and methods for addressing their health concerns. Embracing a natural, holistic approach alongside conventional medicine is becoming more accepted – they can work together and complement one another.”

Over the summer, Natural Drip will move locations as it expands to a larger facility to accommodate new therapies. For more information, call 479.629.8300 or visit

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IMAGE courtesy Natural Drip

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