October Book Recommendations

RECOMMENDATIONS Sara Putman, Bookish

Enjoy these recommendations from our friends at Bookish, Fort Smith, Arkansas’ only independently owned bookstore located in The Bakery District.

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The Rachel Incident
by Caroline O’Donoghue
There are some books you grow out of, but Caroline O’Donoghue artfully weaves the frivolity of characters Rachel and James in their early twenties through their thirties and into their forties. Set in Ireland in the early aughts, Rachel and James navigate friendship, sexuality, a failing economy, and the Irish political system. It’s the type of book that shines a light on heavy topics, but it does so gently and with the sympathy of mature Rachel looking on.

by Daniel Kraus
Known for his science fiction and horror stories, Kraus wrote the novel adaptation of The Shape of Water and has a plethora of awards next to his name, but his newest book is – in my opinion – his greatest work. It’s the story of father and son relationships, a spiritual rebirth, and a love letter to the ocean and all who live in it – the majority of which takes place inside the belly of a whale.

The Art Thief
by Michael Finkel
This true-crime story is unbelievable. Finkel catapults Breitweiser, the world’s most prolific art thief, off the page. Not only does he manage to pull the most audacious heists – carrying out more than two hundred over nearly eight years – he doesn’t even sell the work. Finkel’s research allows us to get a glimpse of the motivations behind Breitweiser’s crimes – crimes he felt justified in committing, because he was doing it for the love of art.

The River We Remember
by William Kent Krueger
Krueger’s newest standalone novel is set in Jewel, Minnesota in 1958. Following the murder of a prominent citizen, the entire town is rocked as rumors circulate. This novel takes a look at the complexities of living in a small town when really hard things happen. Navigating their own tragic histories and finding ways to carry on, the folks of Jewel must find a way to mend the wounds of the past so they can heal their futures.

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