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Apr 1, 2023 | DIY, Featured, Life


I fell instantly in love when I happened across these adorable creations online! With a quick click, I found myself immersed in a party-world styled with cuteness at Kara Allen is the creative genius behind these whimsical creations, and I’m thrilled to share just a few of her amazing masterpieces with you, just in time for Easter! 

Easy to create in no time at all, these are for decoration only – we do not recommend consuming the eggs as it’s possible they would come in contact with the paint or markers when peeled. Sad? Don’t be. They’re much too cute to eat!


  • Boiled eggs, cooled 
  • Craft paint in choice of colors 
  • Colored permanent markers
  • Paint brushes, small

Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Step 1: Paint the entire egg with a light tan color. Let dry.
Step 2: Paint the top of the egg in a color of your choice, creating little rounded scallops where the paint reaches the cone part of the egg. Let dry.
Step 3: With a light pink marker, draw cone lines on the cone part of the egg.
Step 4: Use a black Sharpie to draw a face, if desired. Let dry.
Step 5: Add final touches to the face with small dabs of white paint for the eyes and pink paint for the cute little cheeks. Let dry.

Pineapple Easter Eggs

Step 1: Paint your eggs with yellow craft paint. Let dry.
Step 2: With an orange permanent marker, draw diagonal lines going both directions across your egg, adding a little dot to the center of each diamond you create with the diagonal lines. Don’t worry if your lines don’t look perfect, you will be smoothing them out in the next step.
Step 3: Using yellow craft paint again, paint another light coat over your marker lines. This will smooth out the lines. Let dry.
Step 4: Paint the top of your egg with green craft paint, using the paint brush to create triangular points for the pineapple leaves. Let dry.

Doughnut Easter Eggs

Step 1: Paint a round thick ring around the top of your egg to form the doughnut shape. Let dry.
Step 2: Draw little straight lines on the painted doughnut with colored permanent markers, creating sprinkles.

Kara is regularly featured on numerous morning talk shows, magazines, and publications including The Today Show, HGTV,, TLC, Parenting Magazine,, Parents Magazine, Brides Magazine, FamilyFun Magazine, PEOPLE, All You Magazine, Baby Talk Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Disney Baby, Celebrate Magazine, The Rachael Ray Show and more. Visit Kara at

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