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Nov 1, 2018 | DIY

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One pound of wax makes seven to eight, 3-4” pinecones, which have been dipped three to four times. 
  • Pinecones – find yourself or purchase 
  • Soy wax flakes – Natural Soy brand
  • Candle fragrance oil – Crazy Candles brand
  • Candle dye –Yaley Dye Blocks 
  • Wired candle wicking – Outus brand
  • Candle making pour pot – (Top Grade Goods) or a large, heatproof container, and a large pan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Wax paper if desired, I used cardboard
  • Tags, if gifting



Prep & Heat

Its tie to prepare your area! Cover your countertop completely with material which can be easily discarded, like cardboard or foil, then add wax paper on top if desired. Using the double boiler method, place heatproof container (ONLY used for crafting) into a large pan of water. Bring water to gentle boil, add soy flakes to the heatproof container. Stir constantly. Melt the wax slowly. 

Color & Scent

Finely chop color block, add to wax, stir to combine. Drip small amount of wax on wax paper to test color saturation. If not dark enough, add more color, if too dark, add more soy flakes. I used candle fragrance. Add scented oil to wax, stir, add more to your liking. Do your research if using essential oils; some are not meant to be burned! 

Cool & Wick

Wait 20-30 minutes before dipping pinecones. Hot wax does not adhere well and you’ll end up dipping several times if you dip too soon. Cut 12” of wicking per pinecone. Fold in half, tie a loop knot at top, leaving two long sections. Wind them in opposite directions throughout the pinecone from top to bottom. Poke ends inside the pinecone – you may need a toothpick to help. 

Dip & Gift

Once wax begins to thicken slightly, it’s time to dip (about 130˚-140˚). Grip loop at top, dunk pinecone in wax – use an old spoon to press down if needed. Pull up, drain off excess wax, set on wax paper to dry for 10-15 minutes. Break off large wax from the base, saving to reheat later if needed. Repeat dipping process two to four times until you have the desired cover and color. If you dip more than two times, you will probably have to reheat wax, which is ok! To finish, dip top loop and your fire starter is complete! Tie a cute tag to the loop of each pinecone, if gifting.


If wax is too hard, reheat. If the pinecone is dull, the wax was too cold. Use hotter wax for shine. Drain off as much wax as possible between dips. Be patient! Leftover melted wax? Make a jar candle! Place a section of wicking into a jar, suspend by the loop with a utensil resting on jar mouth to keep it upright. Pour melted wax in jar and let solidify. 

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