Meet Charles

Words: courtesy Project Zero
Image: courtesy Jon Yoder Photography

Sep 1, 2022 | Adoption, Life


Meet Charles, a teenage boy looking for his forever home! Charles is a very smart, kind, and outgoing teenager. He loves to make new friends, and like most teenage boys, Charles enjoys playing video games. Charles is also quite the foodie! He’s not picky and is willing to try just about anything! Some of his favorite things are Star Wars, Marvel superheroes (The Avengers to be exact) and reading. If you can’t tell by now, Charles is a very cool kid! But even the coolest kids have challenges. Charles struggles to control his emotions and has a hard time regulating himself; however, he is currently receiving medication and participates in therapy where he is making considerable progress, which he will need to continue both individually and with his family once he is adopted. For these reasons, it is important Charles is adopted by a two-parent family with a strong father figure. He would do best in a home with no other children, strong structure, and a routine. Could your family be the right fit for Charles? Submit an inquiry at to learn more!

In partnership with Project Zero and Arkansas Heart Gallery, each month Do South® will feature a waiting child, or sibling group, in foster care in Arkansas. To inquire about these incredible children, please visit

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