Starry Night

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Jul 1, 2022 | Drink, Food + Drink

8 cups seedless watermelon, cubed

1 ¼ cups blueberry syrup (recipe below)

¼ cup fresh lime juice

2 limes, cut into 8 wedges

2 bunches fresh mint leaves (about 45 leaves)

12 oz. unsweetened lime-flavored seltzer

1 ¼ cups white rum

watermelon, blueberries, lime wedges, mint (garnish)

for the blueberry syrup

1 cup water

1 cup blueberries, fresh

½ cup sugar

½ teaspoon lime zest

for the blueberry syrup
Boil syrup ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat. Reduce heat, simmer 15 minutes. Remove from heat, press berry mixture through a strainer, reserving only the liquid. Place in refrigerator, will keep for two weeks.

for the cocktail
Puree watermelon in a blender and then strain, reserving only the liquid. Muddle mint and six lime wedges together. In a pitcher, add watermelon juice, blueberry syrup, lime juice, rum, and seltzer. Add ice and divide lime and mint mixture into 6 glasses. Pour watermelon mixture over ice and garnish as desired. Omit the rum for a mocktail!

 Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive.

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