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Mar 1, 2024 | Adoption, Featured

Meet Shyra, Age 16

Shyra is a super friendly teenager, which helps her build strong friendships easily and quickly. She’s also a great best friend, always helping and standing up for her friends. Shyra is a natural leader, and everyone feels happy around her. She also really enjoys spending time with her friends and family and trying different kinds of foods! Sometimes Shyra finds it difficult to believe in herself, and that can make certain situations tough to navigate. It’s important for her to get better about taking responsibility for her actions. With a stable and supportive environment, we know Shyra will reach her full potential. We would love to tell you more about her! Inquire at!

In partnership with Project Zero, each month Do South features a waiting child, or sibling group, in foster care in Arkansas. To inquire about these incredible children, please visit

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